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  • Lounge wide band pants

    7% discount (until 10 am on July 16)
    Lean and refreshing lecture Pants!
    Comfortable and casual GOOD♥

    25.79 USD

  • Jaina Slit Linen Long Skirt

    7% discount (until 10 am on July 15)
    Best fit! It's really pretty!
    Chic feel with both slits design!
    Feminine and slender line skirt♡

    44.03 USD

  • Blow Wide Denim Pants

    Wear it with thin cotton until summer!
    Feel free to fall over the ankle Length!

    42.73 USD

  • Emotion Flare One Piece (7Color)

    Without feeling excessive
    It is clean and elegant.
    *Cream, Carmel, Pink same day delivery*

    44.03 USD

  • Kiju Shoulder strap shorts

    Wide but cozy fit!
    It's full of kitsch charm :)

    44.29 USD

  • Gloria Flare Long One Piece

    Long dress with a beautiful fit♥
    Add points with the back ribbon
    *Mint same day delivery*

    57.06 USD

  • Rutis Hood loose fit Knit

    7% discount (until 10 am on July 16)
    Comfortable and delicate mood!
    Wear loose, pretty ♥

    32.31 USD

  • Pentel Linen Two Piece Set

    The utilization of single piece is really high!!

    42.73 USD


  • Raid Cotton One Piece

    Fashionable, minimal design!
    *Navy, Wine same day delivery*

    29.70 USD

  • Candle Pintuck Linen Slex (Belt SET)

    Cool Linen Slex
    Coordinate easily with Beltset♥

    57.06 USD

  • Rayroom Anorak Shorts Set

    It is good to wear it alone or as a set
    Sporty and casual GOOD

    42.73 USD

  • Sleek slit One Piece

    Simplicity that suits everyone.
    Linen 100%
    *Black,Beige same day delivery*

    49.37 USD

  • Tenon Stripe Short-sleeve Knit

    Knit that gave points with color combination line ♥
    It is good to enjoy in daily
    *Ivory same day delivery*

    23.45 USD

  • Pois Mini Piqué One Piece (5Color)

    Cute and easy one piece in cotton
    It is good to wear from now to summer ♥
    * Pink same-day delivery *

    45.34 USD

  • Peak band shorts (S, M, L)

    Comfortable shorts you want to store every day!

    25.79 USD

  • Reach Rachel Pintuck Race Blouse

    Three-dimensional race detail♥
    I wear it with a feminine mood
    *Beige same day delivery*

    42.73 USD


  • Tori knit bag

    Listen to me naturally in the summer :)

    23.45 USD

  • Lamilla Rattan Slippers (1.5cm)

    Natural and Easy Shoes!

    29.70 USD

  • Remy Strap Sandals (2.5cm)

    Simple line with two strap design!
    3 colors that you can enjoy daily!

    37.13 USD

  • Four Seasons rayon Underpants (1 + 1)

    Anti-static watch 100% Underpants!
    I can not shoot without this!

    16.94 USD

  • Sutia flip-flop (1.8cm)

    Really comfortable! Highly recommended as daily!

    24.36 USD

  • Anzu bowknot bucket hat

    Linen 100%
    Give a point with the back ribbon

    23.19 USD

  • Basic Belt

    Stylish on the Outer!
    Bottom and wearable!

    12.90 USD

  • Selling De Mini bag

    Strongly recommended! The end of luxury king!
    It looks good everywhere.

    33.61 USD