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  • Tirmi Slit band Skirt

    With slim line
    Daily item to wear comfort ♥

    23.19 USD

  • Corinne Boat Neck T-shirt

    Linen blend over 50%
    It is full of femininity by boat neck ♡

    23.19 USD

  • Stinine part 7 T-shirt

    Luxurious incision detail
    Fit doesn't fall easily!

    32.31 USD

  • Hyano backband wide slax

    Neat line without recklessness!
    Easy wearing with back band

    40.12 USD

  • Bikeyi straight Pants (S, M, L)

    Length No need to repair.
    Strongly recommended!

    36.48 USD

  • Build Kara Blouse

    I wear comfortably like T-shirt ~

    29.70 USD

  • Four Seasons rayon Underpants (1 + 1)

    Anti-static watch 100% Underpants!
    I can not shoot without this!

    16.94 USD

  • Cefna Canvas Cross Bag

    Casual Mood Cross Bag

    21.89 USD

  • Water Drop Gold Necklace Set

    Two different designs are SET!

    16.68 USD

  • Hevant Canvas Shoulder Bag

    Enjoy it natural and daily!
    + Pouch Set Item

    31.01 USD

  • Natri Bag

    I enjoy it natural and daily.

    28.40 USD

  • Renewel Mule (2.5cm)

    The part that covers the instep is wide
    Wear it comfortably and securely!

    57.06 USD

  • Skirt Skirt Inner Pants

    Material of sight!
    YZone complete wall and cover items

    11.33 USD

  • Robe Sling backs (3cm)

    Wear it comfortably with proper Heel height ♥

    55.76 USD

  • Bobbin mule (3.5cm)

    Vivid Soft Color
    Inconvenient with flexible material NO ~

    55.76 USD

  • Grooney Sneakers (3.5cm)

    Enjoy it casually :)

    36.22 USD

  • Chestine Check Slit Skirt

    H line pit that looks slim!
    back slit appeal UP

    36.22 USD

  • The Day Linen rap Jacket

    Casual mood with neatness
    As a blouse, I like to use it as a jacket.

    33.61 USD

  • Haid Pouch Netback

    Summer is called Bag -
    Pouch is also a bonus :)

    33.61 USD

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